Hi there i’m Gael, i’m a photographer, filmmaker, motion/graphic designer and VFX artist based in Paris, France.
I’ve been creating multimedia content since 2007, and throughout the years i’m very proud to have worked with great companies such as Logitech, Blizzard, Warner Bros, Gaumont, Youtube, Meltdown, PrestelPublishing, Netherrealm, etc…
but my proudest achievement yet is growing a strong relationship fueled by my clients satisfaction. My passions include communication, fashion and video games, therefore i’m mostly active in those communities.
Being as versatile as I am its hard to tell you about all the things I offer, so grab a drink, sit back, and take a look around the webstie.



I started working as a freelance photographer to express my love for portraits and fashion. Worked with many retail jewellers, hairdressers, makeupe artists, models, actors, and corporate people. I’ve also done an important amount of event photography such as weddings, nightclubs, product launch parties, corporate cocktails, etc…  I’ve worked for many e-commerce businesses as a product photographer, of course I developped an obsession with still photography and even got hired full time for many years. 




Where it all started, I was gifted my first computer at the age of seven but only when I was ten years old that I got a PC with windows 98. I immediatly started playing with Microsoft office 97/98, couple years later I was making business cards, flyers, CD covers, and posters for local artists and start-ups. Worked for Labelcom designing movie posters, pamphlets, and everything else related to movie realeases in France. We worked with big companies such as Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, Gaumont, and many more. I also worked for Alpa/Foxtrot, a company in charge of creating every derived product from famous brands like Hello Kitty, Marvel, Puca, etc…






I started learning about VFX and image composition in 2008, I had a pretty good grasp on photo retouching and 3D modeling so I wanted to expand to video. I later gave up on 3D modeling and learned about cinematography, editing, color grading, lighting etc… Filmed a few short documentaries, short films, music videos, and advertisements. My knowledge of visual effects really helped me integrate the world of communication and multimedia. I’ve had the honor of working at an international scale with advertisement companies and independent content creators. Sometimes as a VFX artist, sometimes as an editor, sometimes as a producer, and other times as all of the above.